I want to tell you three things that you should keep in mind when working with Ustocktrade . Three tips to get you started on the right foot.

Limited liquidity at Ustocktrade

One of the biggest problems you encounter on you stock on a daily basis is stocks being labeled limited liquidity. When that happens you can only get in and out be a limit order into it makes it a lot tougher to trade. You can see on the west side of the screen. You can try to get in our okay here and you just wasn’t filled nothing happened in.


That usually occurs right before stock is labeled that so you had to take the time to go back and cancel that order. In that can also be time-consuming. Especially if the stock starts to turn against you it doesn’t happen very often like I said.

But it does happen about once a day for my experience still it’s definitely not a deal-breaker for show me the other positive qualities. But it is something you want to consider before making that leap to try to trade on you stock .

No Shorting at Ustocktrade

So my very first broker when I started training with other trading platform and if you’ve ever used them before you know there are tons of shorts available.

Unfortunately as of now there is no shorting on Ustocktrade. And so it’s a strictly base broker and you really want to consider that especially if you’re short buys trader. Because shorting a such a big part of the game nowadays wendy near future and they’ll go ahead. And add shortening sometimes. But like I said as of now there is no shorting on their guys. So you really want to consider that before giving you stuck a try.

10,000 dollars limit

Okay and the last thing I want to touch one guy’s as that there is a $10,000 nu-stock.


Meaning you can only buy $10,000 I don’t think this is as big of a deal as some of the other ones. Because I think most traders on you stock very small accounts in using small sizing.

And so if you are considering depositing more than $10,000 your stock may not be for you. But overall this has an effect on me whatsoever. I use really small shot sizing and trade the really cheap stocks at so it hasn’t affected me at all but you definitely want to consider it anyways.

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