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What Is Tokenpay?

Tokenpay is a project of decentralized and customized payment platform. Solely based on mathematics, is designed to provide secure transactions between parties. With the maximum safety of the user as the focus of system access only through encrypted Tor browser. The transaction is done with the tag crypt served and unnoticed, called Tpay, with the latest security features and the most advanced. These characteristics include a locking system, encrypted messages, trade is totally anonymous and unique hashing algorithm that allows you to make transactions fast and secure in all circumstances.

Therefore, when the transaction scheme block Tpay is initialized, all sides sign corresponding secret key. This signature acts as an analog to the public actions of the particular address. The transaction will be automatically fully performed because all sides of the chain block can verify the signature using the public address. The tokenpay user does not need to disclose their private key to anyone. As a result, the transactions carried out with complete security, anonymity, and without the typical peers from regular pay platform.

Tokenpay platform is designed to incorporate the possibility of building a banking institution with the flexibility and potential future Cryptography. The network allows for the exchange of Bitcoin, Jefiriumom, and other great illuminating emergency bridge the transition. It also allows users to have unlimited access to Kriptovaljutiki tools from a vendor located in the location of ATMs and ATM on location around the world. Users will be able to save other cryptograms and bitcoin in a bag that is secure and Insured that are typically used by the customer in the bank. As a result, the risk of a counteragent Banks at least reduced natural and bonds is licensed. Tpay Token sales funds designed to add Bank acquisition. The Bank will act in such a way that respond to and understand the unique needs of the holders of the global cryptocurrency.

The VISION of Tokenpay

The goal of Tokenpay is to help customers who facilitate illuminates frequently occurs at the hard-assets transactions with ease. Why Tokenpay Blockchain it on basing Bitcoin? In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published documents and source code from Blockchain Bitcoin. Nakamoto strives to create a digital currency. One that is not disbursed by the Government or the Federal Reserve. This is the open source code and allows other to fix the kriptografam code. 2017, various developers released many different cryptograms. All shadows on excellent technology. However, Bitcoin still dominates the market.


More information about this product is the risk of Tokenpay who do not want to be considered because of the critical nature of the application. Tokenpay pooled safety and security features of the safest ever released using the unique blokshemu with the combination of the basic sources of Bitcoin in combination with proven, reliable and confidential functions.

To be the most cutting-edge innovation, a Token Pay through TPay creates advanced security keys 6 and very tight. As described in the Whitepaper this Token Pay property, 6 security key is not owned by the system on a Bitcoin. The following 6 TPay security key:

1. Multi-Signature Transactions

The first security key is a multiple transaction signatures or can be called a “single-signature transaction”. With this key transfer system requires only one signature from the owner of the private key that is already associated with an address TPAY.

2. Signature Rings

The second security key is a ring signature is a digital signature that can be used by members of the Group of users who each have had a key. The working system of a ring signature signing messages passed by someone in a group. One of the security properties of a ring signature is that it should be the role of the computer is disqualified as a key determinant of the group used to generate the signature or password.

3. Dual-Key Stealth Addresses

Next up is the Dual-key Key Stealth Addresses that have differences from the standard address commonly used in Crypto. This key allows the level of user privacy better than on the other. An anonymous address dual-key can be shared publicly by the recipient but the deals that were made to this address cannot be linked back to him.

This means that each payment to the address the address of the new normal count Stealth unused which funds must be received, so any bug won’t be able to connect both the address. TPAY combines this feature which has been available on the platform Token Pay to make the user experience to be more private and secure.

4. Zero-Knowledge Proof

Zero-knowledge Proof is a method in which one party (of proof) can prove to another party (verification) that a given statement is true, without the need to convey other information.

5. Tor Network Integration

The security key is a Tor network integration is a distributed overlay network designed for anonymising the TCP-based applications with low latency such as web browsing, secure shell, and instant messaging. The client chooses the path through the network, and build a “circuit. Traffic flowing into the circuit is sent in the size of fixed-sized “cell”, which was opened by the symmetric key at each node and passed on to the downstream.

6. TokenPay SCI or Secure Communication Interface

The last security key is an encrypted instant messaging system to incorporate peer-to-peer use algorithms to keep private conversations while using the wallet TokenPay. All messages sent and received is encrypted by AES-256-CBC’S proven to prevent message recipients are not compromised or seen by anyone.

International Debit Card

TokenPay plans to form a new bank Charter, partner or get bank license in Vanuatu. Because TokenPay wants to meet customers by adjusting the crypto Department compliance around this theme, this is an important first step. Create a bank that is committed to the customer with the crypto is the ideal situation. The most desirable is a partnership or an acquisition of a bank that already has a lot of banking correspondent relationships required to make transactions in major currencies.

In addition, the international debit card allows quick access to multi-currency funds at automatic teller machines network. Product pricing is transparent and cheap to make debit card BlueDiamond mechanism that is very interesting to get a digital token to allow it to buy assets. User tokens such as digital TPAY or Bitcoin can be accessed whenever needed thanks to real-time foreign personal that will be part of the TokenPay’s banking platform.

Digital token from the user, such as Tpay Bitcoin, or can be made available, as needed, through closed private exchanges in real time, which will be part of the banking platform Tokenpay. Therefore, users do not need to translate the exact number of digital token for the Fiat transaction. This will allow Tokenpay customers to retain unrestricted access to cash at thousands of ATMs around the world and for the millions of physical and online merchants.

It is important to note that the Mastercard logo on the rendering of the map Bluediamond intellectual Mastercard International. In addition, Tokenpay has no current transaction with Mastercard or any other credit or debit Card supplier. The goal is that Tokenpay will enter into a relationship with a Visa card or Mastercard. Tokenpay intends to actively use the opportunity to participate directly in a business relationship with a supplier debit cards are great.

Project Tokenpay

Tokenpay blockchain is a project that combines the cryptographic technology with Bitcoin security and enhanced privacy. In addition, the Tokenpay creates a platform that combines private banking and personal, which allows for wider use of the coin through consumer and commercial services. Development of Tokenpay moments and use of daily followers is an important step.

Details of the sale of TOKENS

Tokenpay launches digital Tpay token sales at a price the company to raise funds for the project Tokenpay and general corporate purposes. This allows the team to add additional capabilities to the platform. The maximum will be 5000 levelers bitcoin during the sale of tokens, and Premale in combination. The number of signs to Bitcoin issued will depend on the structure of the table raised on bitcoin rebate that is detailed in this white paper. Prospective buyers can trade a number of Bitcoin Tpay, including the number of fractions, such as 0.010 bitcoin. will be offering discounts to early buyers of Tpay who will be laid off with the number of claims for sale Tpay token. You will also be offered Rebates to send buyers to sell digital sign Tpay. There are no refunds or exchanges soon BTC is exchangeable Tpay.


  • 2015 Q4 Beta version of platform launched Fall 2015

  • 2016 Q2

Partnership with USTOCKTRADE and London Stock Exchange’s Tony Weersinghe
Feature presentation at MIT Fintech Conference

  • 2016 Q4

Owing to overwhelming user demand for blockchain assets, founders shifted focus to cryptocurrency technology
Established corporate headquarters in the privacy-focused jurisdiction of the British Virgin Island

  • 2017 Q1

Onboard world-class dev team to build a more secure and untraceable version of Bitcoin
Proprietary Tor network coin technology integration
Created Stealth Address and Encrypted Messaging system

  • 2017 Q2

Launched Multi-Signature Transaction Engine
Released Linux, Windows, macOS and Paper Wallets

  • 2017 Q3

Agreed to acquire an established bank
Added Ring Signature feature to TPAY blockchain
Zero-Knowledge Proof advanced automation added

  • 2017 Q4

Release Whitepaper of TokenPay Token Sale

  • 2018 Q1

Completion of Token sale
Add TPAY to notable exchanges
TPAY Apple iOS Mobile Wallet
Complete due diligence of Bank Integration

  • 2018 Q2

TokenPay website launched for commercial use
Complete acquisition or partnership of Bank
P2P multi-screen payment platform
Global merchant services application available

  • 2018 Q3 or Q4

BlueDiamond debit card ships to account holders

  • 2019

TokenPay Bank to expand to new regions within APAC

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