MChain ends, in applauses, the 10th Smart Living Blockchain Destination

A weekend which counted with a talk about the most ambitious Blockchain project of whole Spain

Last Friday 5th April was celebrated, in Palacio de Ferias y Congresos “Adolfo Suárez” in Marbella, the 10th Smart Living Blockchain Destination, one of the most important events about new technologies from now and which this year has involved 100% with Blockchain technology. And, of course MarbellaChain had to stand out.

To finish the event, Marbella´s Blockchain Cultural Association president and founder of MarbellaChain project, Francisco Gutiérrez, made an exposition, in less than 30 minutes but which was enough for the understand all each one in the room of the importance and future
projection of this Blockchain original from the Costa del Sol capital.

After a brief introduction about the origin of cryptocurrencies, we talked about the options that MarbellaChain brings and can contribute from here to the future. A wallet prepared so that businesses can use Mcoin (the cryptocurrency of Mchain) or its own token. The importance of smart contracts in business relationships. Or the applications that may arise and that have already emerged, such as the one related to the world of health, Docline.

The official presentation of the wallet for businesses was the highlight. As mentioned, retailers can use both the existing Mcoin cryptocurrency and a specific token for them. The wallet will allow a way to motivate users to use it, as well as guaranteeing security when exchanging tokens for products and services.

In short, MarbellaChain, with this talk, showed everyone the possibilities it offers, not only to the inhabitants of Marbella, but also anywhere in Spain and, why not, abroad. Some options that open with Blockchain technology and that thanks to this elaborate project, can go far, improving the capabilities of users in their dealings with new technologies.

More about this event at our blog about tokens and ICOs: Mchain at the Blockchain for future Smart Living Cities Of Marbella 2019.

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