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What Is MAVIN?

MAVIN is actually a currency based on two words, namely: maven and influencer. Maven here is a person with good knowledge or understanding of the subject. in time as the Influencer is the one who influences or changes the behavior of people. A network of influencer Mavin easily connects brands and companies with micro and nano with influencers using blockchain. Every person has the possibility to earn money posting on social media.

Mavin is different to other influencers marketing platform because of its user base there under, ranging from very little influenza influencers. Fight the fight, with the number of influencers that they need to be handled and rewarded – that’s one of the reasons why the nano and micro influencers have fewer opportunities than their larger competitors. Mavin is based on blockchain-based applications with the framework of the verification of the quality being maintained by itself – an approach that lays the Foundation for a highly scalable platform that is able to maintain a high standard of quality.

Mavin is a network that uses blockchain technology to communicate brands and companies with micro-and nano-influence agents. Everyone has the opportunity to earn a post in social media, no matter how much you have followers, just a hundred or a few million. Both small companies and international corporations will be covered by the Mavin.

With Mavin, the valuable agents for marketers can be not only known individuals but also ordinary people. They can participate in a marketing budget that is spent on paying for social media commentary.

Marketers can use the Mavin platform to find micro and nano-agents of influence that still represents too diverse an audience for good governance. This type of impact agent creates a positive side effect-a higher percentage of employment.

Quality testing of Mavin also allows for the earning of those people who are not interested in working as an agent of influence. By participating in the verification process, Verifiers helps to ensure high-quality standards for the platform.

The Mavin quality test is based on two basic principles. The first level of verification is performed by the artificial intelligence algorithms from Google and IBM, which recognize and determine the accuracy of the image and the structure of the comment.

More detailed verification is carried out by people working on the Mavin platform. This quality assurance process results in an individual and accurate rating of each commentary by the social media, which subsequently receives points for quality verification according to this estimate.

Based on the results of quality checks, rewards Mavin and scoring, the model forms the final award for a particular social media comment with the Skoringovym profile of the impacting agent. Each impact agent can improve its personal profile on the platform to increase profitability within its area of activity. The impact agents will receive the best reward only because of the high-quality rating in combination with the target profile.

Who is Mavin for?

Mavin platform creates bridges between marketers/agencies/brands and influential individuals. These two together combine to create the market size in a few hundred million dollars, and the distribution of around 90% of digital marketing agencies and 9% 1% brands focus on target customers, where the platform takes a Commission per transaction, based on overall marketing costs.


Influencer Mavin platform important factor is its user base, influential party. They contribute to the various camps and are rewarded in return.


Marketers are contracting authorities Mavin platform. They choose from the various types of campaigns and placed them in tenders. They reward powerful individuals for successful participation.

Social media

Mavin platform supports feeds social networking, the most commonly used influential persons. Depending on the platform, the message in social networks will be judged on the quality of the image, the likes, and comments to measure the level of interaction.

Human Verification

Quality is a key component of a credible campaign. The process of confirmation of the compensation on the basis of the remuneration is part of the quality assurance system of Mavin.

Vision Mavin

Mavin vision is to be a global market maker, in which the brand and the company (Marketer) and micro and nano influencers (influencers) gather. Marketers will benefit by reaching out to a wider audience with a higher level of involvement. And the giver of influence will be paid by marketers for some of their social media, giving them the opportunity to participate directly in the marketing expenditure budget. Spending on marketing will not only be distributed to the influencer is famous and well known, but also to ordinary people. Because everyone is an influencer.

Mavin Token

Limited availability 4 billion tokens with the ticker symbol MVN will be removed for the ICO with the base price 30,000 MVN per 1 ETH.

ICO will be performed starting November 22 until December 16, 2017. The token will be allocated as follows:

  • 60% – Crowdsale
  • 20% – Influencer Reward Pool
  • 18% – Team
  •   2% – Bounty and Partners

Of the tokens that are not sold, 50% will be deposited into a reserve pool of newly created; the other 50% will be allocated among all the participants of the ICO in respect of part of the contribution total provided during their dues. In this way, the total amount of currency in the internal platform will always be constant and equal to 4 billion tokens. The token that was deposited in this way by the pool the backup will not be sold below the price of the ICO for a period of one year of vesting.

  • Token Name: Mavin
  • Token Symbol: MVN
  • MVN Denomination: 1 ETH = 30’000 MVN
  • Number of Tokens Total: 4’000’000’000 MVN
  • Number of Tokens Distributed: 2’400’000’000 MVN (60%)
  • Blockchain: MVN tokens are released based on the Ethereum blockchain technology, ERC 20 standard
  • Fractions: Eighth digit past the decimal point
  • Minimum Goal: The minimum funding goal is ETH 3,000. If this goal is not reached, investors will be able to withdraw their funds
  • Soft Cap: The creation will be soft capped on receipt of ETH 40,000; the token distribution event will stay open for 72 hours or until the hard cap is reached
  • Hard Cap: The distribution will be immediately stopped on receipt of ETH 80,000

Pre ICO Token MVN

Presale token through the program whitelist will run before the start of the ICO, from October to November 19, 2017. Participation in this program guarantees a place in the event the next token distribution and reduction of transaction costs on the first day of sales of the token. At this stage, it is also possible to buy a token for money or fiat currency other than crypto ETH upon request

Bounty Token MVN

In addition, the bonus of 2% of the total number of tokens will be given to give awards to individuals and partners for their support against the ICO. This is where we can get a free token by following Bounty. As for the Bounty held, among others:

  1. Campaign signatures and avatars in with Division of around 0.30% or as much as 12 million MVN
  2. Blog and Media Publishing Division of about 0.25% or as much as 10 million MVN
  3. Translator and moderation with the Division of about 0.25% or as much as 10 million MVN
  4. Campaign with Facebook or Twitter with the Division of about 0.20% or as much as 8 million MVN
  5. Partners and Advisors with a division of about 1% or as much as 40 million MVN

Bonus token of Bounty will be obtained after ICO completed

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