How to mine Bitcoin

How to mine Bitcoin, made only for investors. Also for people who want to carve out an economic future in the world of cryptocurrencies. Learn mine bitcoin with the Genesis Mining company, which is currently working with Bitcoin mining. Here we help other people to undermine and obtain satisfactory results with their investments in Bitcoin. Also mined other types of coins like Ethereum, Monero or Zcash.

Bitcoin with Genesis Mining

So for example we are going to assume that you were going to make a purchase in bitcoins worth 15 cryptocurrencies and a bitcoin average. In this case, the initial investment would be about $ 3,600 approximately, which would mean that after a few years you would have a profit in bitcoin of about $ 155,000. Making the same initial investment, or $ 3600, and employing them in bitcoin mining, your profits would multiply. This is because it is estimated that you could get between 25 and 100 bitcoin doing mining, which is transferred to a profit amount of more than $ 250,000. Estimating that if the bitcoins continue to rise as it is doing, that investment could be perfectly in the 500,000 and 900,000 $.

Bitcoin mining

The Bitcoin network is responsible for the mathematical processes necessary for bitcoin mining.

These mathematical problems or chain of blocks were solved in their origin with the own processors of the computers of house.

Later, the people who worked in bitcoin mining realized that if those computers were given a graphic card, their mining power would rise. Then all the Bitcoin miners opted to put graphic cards to earn more bitcoin.

Later, ASIC or integrated circuits were designed for the specific applications of Bitcoin mining.

This ASIC technology greatly enhances Bitcoin mining. The biggest problem was the large electricity consumption in the home.

Mining is great news worldwide for people who decide Bitcoin mining and invest money. Bitcoin mining is safe and Genesis Mining has great potential. Do not stay out.

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